Arduino Projects for Beginners You Can Easily Do at Home

Arduino projects for beginners can be a very interesting activity for you if you love tinkering with electronics stuff. With Arduino kit you can build various digital devices that can sense or control something. Making a project with Arduino kit can be very difficult. However, there are actually some simpler projects that can be easily tackled even by beginners. If you are curious and want to delve further into the world of Arduino, here are some easier projects that you can easily do with simple tools you can find at home.

Alarm System Arduino Uno Project

Home security alarm system is very expensive. So, if you can make your own alarm system with Arduino kit, you definitely can save plenty of money, especially because the kit and tools needed are not that expensive.
Besides the Arduino itself, the hardware you need to make this Arduino Uno project is PIR Motion Detection Sensor as well as a GSM module with GSM SIM card. Now, you might wonder why this project requires a GSM card. Well, this is because the purpose of alarm system is to send you a warning when an intruder enters your house. With the presence of the GSM card, the notification will be sent straight to your cell phone.

Lie Detector

Do you have a friend that keeps lying through his teeth and you just so eager to bust his lying once and for all? Well, we will introduce you to one of the most interesting Arduino projects for beginners that is a simple Polygraph machine.

To make this lie detector, of course you need an Arduino, and then aluminum foil, wire, Velcro, breadboard and a 10k resistor. The Velcro and aluminum foil will be made into an electrode that will be rolled over the fingers of the subject of the test. The electrode will pick up the conductance of the skin and sense whether there are some changes on the body. When the subject of test is sweating, the machine will react and show whether he is lying or not.

Battery Tester

When you are using AA or AAA battery, you might wonder how much power left in the battery and whether it will be enough to get the job done. Since there is literally nothing that can sign whether the power of the battery has depleted or not, you will be left in the dark and can only guess. Of course you can easily buy a battery tester in any store, but unfortunately it doesn’t come cheap.

Since you are familiar with Arduino, why don’t you just build one? The process is not really hard but you need to focus because you can easily make mistakes here. The tools needed are the Arduino board, bread board, Zener diode, jumper wires and LED lamps. It is the LED lamp that will show you how much power left in the battery after the mechanism is completed. Three LED lamps will actually be enough. However, if you want more precise result, using four or five LED lamps in this Arduino projects for beginners is also a good idea.