Arduino Uno R3 Specs That You Need to Know

Have you ever heard about arduino uno r3? And do you know about the arduino uno r3 specs? Before you get know about the specs, you need to know first about it further, arduino uno r3 is kind of the best microcontroller which makes ATmega384 as its basic. This microcontroller can be said as a development board, because this board has an ability to be prototyping arena for microcontroller.

By the time you decide to use this development board, you will be easier to arrange the electronics concatenation instead of you start to arrange the ATmega384 with the breadboard in the beginning. Arduino uno r3 has 24 digital pins for input and output where you can find out that the six of them can be used as PWM output. The other 6 input analog pins use crystal 16 MHz, USB connection, header ICSP, and reset press button. All of those things are having important role for you to support the microcontroller concatenation.

Arduino Uno R3 Specs That You Need to Know

All the Things of Arduino Uno R3 Specs That You Need to Know

Arduino Uno R3 ATmega384 specs

In this part, let’s to talk further and detail about the ardino uno r3 specs. If you are interested in using this microcontroller to your computer, you must see the advantages that you will get by knowing the specs of this Arduino uno r3. The first spec is the chip of arduino uno r3 based on ATmega384, and then the operating voltage is 5V. Input voltage by jack DC is 7V – 12V and the limit input voltage is starting from 6V – 20V.

This chip has 14 Digital input and output pins which other six of them are provides PWM. There are also 6 analog pins. The flow of DC per input and output pin is 20 mA. Aside from that, the flow of DC pin in 3.3V is 50 Ma. The memory flash from this chip is 32 kb, and thing that you need to know about this memory flash that the 0.5 kb is already used for boot loader. This chip has 2 kb SRAM and EEPROM 1kb. The clock speed of this chip is quite good which has in the 16 MHz levels range.

Arduino Uno R3 Protection

After understanding and knowing in advance about the arduino uno r3 specs, now is the time for you to move aside about the specification, there is another thing that is also important to be noticed, it is about the arduino uno r3 protection. This chip is already equipped with the polypus which is able to be reset. The reset has its own function for protecting the USB port from the over flow.

Although in every computer has already their own protections, but the protection from arduino uno r3 is giving you the more guarantee for the safety while you connecting the chip to your own computer. If there is more than 500Ma which is pulled from the USB port, it will automatically cut the connection and will be connected again if it seems to be safe again. This is very highly recommended chip microcontroller for you and very safe to be used.