Communicate With Esp8266 Arduino Uno Tutorial

ESP8266 Arduino Uno tutorial is the guide to get you out from some common problem in Arduino. The first thing to do when receiving ESP8266 and Arduino modules are to find out how to connect Arduino to a computer, and how to connect ESP8266 to Arduino. Some people turn out to have the wrong perception of ESP8266; many people think that ESP8266 is just a wifi module for Arduino. ESP8266 turns out to be a microcontroller like Arduino, which can be programmed and has a GPIO port. This means that the module can be connected directly to the computer and programmed. The problem is, the module does not have a USB port like Arduino, so it must use serial TTL adapter to USB like FT232RL. You can buy FT232RL for $ 8.

Communicate With Esp8266 Arduino Uno Tutorial

Hacking the arduino using ESP8266 arduino uno tutorial

Arduino can be hacked as serial adapter by using this Esp8266 Arduino Uno tutorial, so we can connect module without FT232RL. The problem is, ESP8266 uses 3.3v voltage, while the Arduino voltage is 5v. This means you can ruin your ESP8266 module, even by using this Esp8266 Arduino Uno tutorial. The tutorial has proved success (until today).What to prepare are Arduino IDE installation and configuration of the ESP8266 SDK in the Arduino IDE.

Prepare Arduino in serial mode, by connecting RESET pin to GROUND pin. (Pin to 3 with pin to 6). Connect Pin RX in the module with RX Arduino, TX with TX. Use Images below to see which pins RX and TX. Use Breadboard, Connect 3.3 volts (Important! Do not use VCC 5.5 Volt so as not to damage your ESP8266) To part + in the breadboard, and GND in Arduino to – on the breadboard. Connect VCC, CH_PD in ESP8266 to + in the breadboard, While GND in the to-breadboard module. Please connect your Arduino to the computer, with the Arduino IDE open. Select Tools → Port in the main menu, customize with your COM port Arduino. After that, select Tools-> SerialMonitor. Select Both NL & CR, with BaudRate 115200. Then type “AT” and click Send.

If it says OK, it means you have successfully communicated with ESP8266. If not, you may need to check the cable connection and try changing the baud rate to lower. You can try to find Wifi, Connect to Wifi with AT command commands below.

Details of the ESP8266

ESP8266 is a WIFI module that serves as a microcontroller enhancement such as Arduino to connect directly to WIFI and create TCP / IP connections. This module requires about 3.3v power by having three WIFI modes namely Station, Access Point and Both (Both). This module also comes with processor, memory, and GPIO where the number of pins depends on the type of ESP8266 we use. So this module can stand alone without using any microcontroller because it already has equipment like a microcontroller.

This device uses AT Command, in addition, there are some Firmware SDK used by this opensource-based device which is as follows:

1. NodeMCU using basic programming LUA

2. MicroPython by using basic Python programming

3. AT Command by using AT command commands

The use of this ESP8266 Arduino Uno tutorial requires high precision and precision so as not to cause damage to each module.