Easy Arduino Board Projects for Beginners

Arduino board projects can be your new project during holiday. In fact, completing such kind of project is a great hobby. Although it looks complicated but you will be proud of yourself when the project is finally So, let’s check about the best arduino uno board projects you can do for your next project. In general, you should prepare the arduino board starter kits first. Those are including the arduino done., jumper wire, resistor, breadboard, LED, and button.

Easy Arduino Board Projects for Beginners

Arduino Alarm System

Do you want to have a simple alarm system at home? It can be one of great arduino board projects you need to finish. Later, you will have a motion sensor alarm and it gives specific signal when there is movement, high tone, and visual. To start this project, you need to prepare an ultrasonic “ping” sensor, buzzer, and LED strip light.

Traffic Light Controller Arduino Uno Board Project

Traffic light controller is also a simple arduino board project for first time users. Just like the common traffic light, you are about to use three different LED colors which are red, yellow, and green. Then, you can control the traffic light just like what you want. The arduino board allows you to hack the code and adjust the output, time, and the sequence. Traffic light controller is considered as popular project because it is only involving simple coding.

Companion Cube Mood Lamp

A beginner user should take companion cube mood lamp as their first arduino board project. Just like the reference above, this project is also easy to build especially for beginners. What you are about to see when the project is done is the unique colors and it will be great if you turn it on in a dark room. You don’t need to get confuse how to install the project because most of the parts are included on the starter kit. The most important thing, the code, wire, and the way to build the installment are simple. Definitely, you can finish this project in short time and see the result. You may proud of yourself after finishing this project especially when you are enjoying the result.

Temperature Controller

It is great to have a DIY arduino temperature controller. So, you can include temperature controller as one of your arduino board projects. Interestingly, you will have more constant temperature although it is a simple temperature controller. Just start to complete the items first such as temperature sensor, relay screw terminal, box to trap the heat, and heating and cooling element. Temperature controller is a simple project for beginner arduino users. There is no such a complicated installment, code, and wire. You can finish it in a few days and see the result. It will be fun if you can check the temperature from a property which you made it by yourself.

Now, which one of the arduino board projects you want to do this holiday? Do you want to try all of them? It is okay to try all of the arduino board projects as long as you have time. Finishing one of the arduino board projects lead you to new board project and you will be addicted to increase the difficulty level.