Ethernet Shield Arduino and How to Connect it To Internet

If you are familiar with ethernet shield Arduino, you definitely know that there are so many benefits you can get out of it. Connecting to the internet is one thing, but it is what you can do while connecting to the internet that makes this Arduino project becomes even more interesting. The shield will allow you to use internet connection to send and receive data, and then combine it with the main function of Arduino itself which is to sense and control object. As a result, you can use the ethernet shield to control an object via internet connection and so many other interesting things. If you want to make your own ethernet shield with Arduino, here is the guide to help you.

Ethernet Shield Arduino and How to Connect it To Internet

Setting Up Arduino Uno Ethernet Shield

Setting it up is actually pretty simple but you need to get all the methods and components right. First of all, you need to know that the chip that is the most suitable to be used in this project is W51000 chip that comes with up to 10/100 MB connection speed. Yes it is not the fastest connection in the planet, but it actually will not be a problem. As a matter of fact, it is decent and you will be capable to perform everything you want with that speed.

This Arduino project is very useful and interesting because you can attach micro SD on the Arduino board so that you can save as many data as you want. You can also include a Power over Ethernet module which will be useful just in case you need to power the mechanism over the ethernet.

After that, simply connect the Ethernet shield to the router and the Arduino via the USB port. Next, connect to the Arduino environment to get the IP address. If the software you use is the latest version, the IP address will be assigned automatically.

Use It as Server

There are two main things that you can do with ethernet shield Arduino. Firstly, you can use it as a server, and the other one is as client. Now, let’s find out about the first function first. As a server, the Arduino Uno ethernet shield can be used to load HTML page, web browser to parse client’s request and also as a chat server. How to put it into application will differ according to which function you want to perform, but basically you will always need to provide your Arduino IP address.

Use It as Client

Now, let us find out what can this shield do as a client. Actually, it is pretty simple, just like usual, its main function is to read websites which means you can use this as a web browser. Since we are dealing with websites that have plenty of confusing programming language, using Arduino as a client might not really be suitable for beginners. But there is one interesting thing you can do with this. Instead of just for reading websites, you actually can set the ethernet shield Arduino to send a LED notification when certain update is arrived.