How and Why To Use About Arduino Stepper Motor Shield

Arduino Stepper Motor Shield is a part of hardware component you need to make sure to get if you want to start your big project. Just like other parts, maybe you wonder how to install it independently and why it is important to use it. If you really want to know, then reading our article will be a really helpful recommendation.

How and Why To Use About Arduino Stepper Motor Shield

Why It Is Important To Use Arduino Stepper Motor Shield

Why you need Arduino Stepper motor shield? Simply because it is a necessary before you make your robotic or computing projects. Without motor shield, you won’t get fast speed on performance and it will hold up your process of programming. As an analogy, just like a brain, how it works and proceed, will need many components and parts where the motor aspect will take important part to make your brain proceed and work faster. Without this motor aspect, you will get difficulty to do anything, especially things related to creativity. Stepper motor shield has a vital necessary like that to make sure the computer as “the brain” proceed your idea effectively.

How To Install Arduino Stepper Motor Shield

Read these steps how to install and use this Stepper Motor Shield to begin your robotic and programming projects :
– First, you need to know that this stepper motor shield is only support with Arduino 3.3V (Rev. 3). If you want force this to another version of Arduino, you need to “unboxing” a few pins, and we can say it will be a little bit difficult to do unless you are an expert to do it. Now, you can insert the shield into socket of Arduino.

– Soon after that, you can plug the Arduino into your computer using an USB port. To turn on the motor, make sure you set the motor setting direction (the options are low or high, but make sure to choose low first for your trial). Arrange the speed by sending AnalogWrite so you can start your moving motor.

– To make a control of one motor with Arduino motor shield, put attention of this : plug the red wire (motor’s positive) into terminal of your Arduino motor shield or Channel A’s. Also wire your motor’s ground (commonly colored in black) into Channel A’s or terminal. You can also make a control of two motors, but as a starter, this controlling of one motor is more than enough to improve your computer speed. By setting it like this, it will begin the performance of motor shield.

Now, it won’t be a big problem anymore because you can install and use this motor shield by yourself! After done that, you can start your computing and programming experience, make a total speed about motor direction for every projects. It will support your progress of every innovation, especially if you want to make a robot projects with tight deadline and need fast result about it. We will guarantee you will need a necessary like Arduino Stepper Motor Shield.