How to Program Arduino Uno for LED Light Blinking

How to program arduino uno becomes a common question. This is because arduino uno is offered with specific detail. If you don’t know the detail, it is impossible to program it based on your need. The following information is trying to help you to program arduino uno perfectly based on your need. Let’s learn more about arduino uno from the basic first.

How to Program Arduino Uno for LED Light Blinking

The Overview of Arduino Uno
Arduino uno is a microcontroller board along with specific detail. It is also an open source prototype in which it is flexible and easy to use. Arduino uno can be used for various purposes and this is the reason why this electronic prototype is used for artists, designer, hobbyist, and many more. The main purpose is to create interactive objects or environments. In short, Arduino uno is considered as an integrated computer but it is built in the form of chip. The function of this chip is to receive input or output.

The Detail of Arduino Uno
Now, you know a little bit about arduino uno. Next, let’s learn a little bit about how to program arduino uno. Just check the detail of the arduino uno first and make sure that everything is well. When it is done, check the left part of this chip and see the LED light. It is a small light along with letter L next to it. Prepare a USB cable before continue the next step. Plug the USB cable into your arduino uno and your computer.

The purpose of this installment is to make the LED light blinks, on and off for 2 seconds. Actually, you will see the LED light blink for the first time when you are connected the USB cable. It is not a problem at all. This is the impact of default program by the time the chip is activated. The best part of using arduino uno is on its power supply and it is located on the bottom left of the board. By using the power supply, the arduino uno has enough power even without any additional device.

Steps to Program Arduino Uno
The steps to program arduino uno are not done yet. The next step you need to do is downloading the arduino uno software. For legal and safe software, you can just visit its official website and download the software there. When you got the software, you can input specific code you want to transfer to the arduino board. When it is ready, you can start to set up the board. Just choose “Tool” menu and select “Board”. Don’t forget about the type of arduino uno you are used. This is because you need to input the type of the board when you want to setup it.

The types are including arduino uno, arduino nano, arduino mega, arduino Leonardo, and many more. Now, it’s time to input the code or the sketch which is symbolized as C++. The setup process includes two different type functions which are setup () and loop (). There are also several special functions such as pinMode () to setup ledpin. Because the purpose is to blinking the LED light, you also need to use digitalwrite () function. When the code is complete, you have to compile it and with the specific process it blinks. That is how to program arduino uno for beginner users.