The Best Arduino LCD Shield for Your Robot Project

Choosing the best Arduino LCD shield for your robot project is important. Many projects these days involving LCD. To incorporate LCD into the project, you need this LCD shield. LCD shield is going to ease you to use 16×2 character LCD. Beside of that, this kind of shield is also going to make it easier for you to control the LCD. Usually, the shield often used to robot project is the one capable to control LCD with 3 backlight pins and 5 keypad pins. The shield must be capable to do that using a couple of I2C pins located on the Arduino. There are quite a lot of brands producing Arduino LCD shield. One of them is DFR Robot. Below is more information for you about it.

The Best Arduino LCD Shield for Your Robot Project

1.  Arduino LCD Shield Features from DFR Robot

As one of the best manufacturers of LCD shield, DFR Robot has numerous Arduino LCD shield features that you can get benefits from. The first feature is that it has a reasonable operating voltage. It is not too high but not to low as well. The operating voltage is 5V to be exact. It is going to keep your project safe and sound without any power complications. The second feature of this Arduino LCD shield is there are 5 push buttons on it.

They have the ability to supply a custom menu on the control panel. If you need to reset your Arduino program, you do not have to do many things because this LCD shield already has RST button, built especially for the resetting. This Arduino LCD shield is also has back-light on/off functions so that adjusting the backlight can be done a lot easier. This LCD shield includes 2×16 character LCD display and also compatible with HD44780.

2. Why Using This LCD Shield?

Using this LCD shield from DFR Robot is the best decision for your robot or Arduino project because it will make the poject much easier. You do not need to struggle when trying to connect sensors to the pins on the shield. It is because the five analog pins on the shield are completed by color code. It will make it easier for you to distinguish the sensor plugging and also the display.

Beside of that, this LCD shield is also completed by apc / Bluetooth v3 socket. This feature is going to make the data transmission with your project or robot available. Last but not least, the price of this LCD shield is quite cheaper than other brands, making it easier for builders with limited budget to get a high-quality shield for the display.

Beside the LCD shield from DFR Robot, of course there are still a lot of brands providing this kind of shield for your robot. All you need to do is making sure that you know exactly what types of LCD shield that you need for your Arduino project. Remember that LCD is an important part for your project and thus choosing the best product for the Arduino LCD shield is quite important as well