Tips and Tricks Esp8266 Arduino Connect To Wifi

Esp8266 arduino connect to wifi is the biggest question many people search on internet. Yes, many people think it’s difficult to connect it all alone without a help from professional or someone who is an expert in programming and connecting in tech. In fact, it is easy and you only need a simple tutorial to connect it on your own. Of course you need to follow every steps in a right way to make sure it can work as you want. On this article, we will give you recommendation (a detail of steps) how to make Esp8266 Arduino connect successfully to wifi. But before we tell you about that, make sure you know the reasons why you should buy Esp8266 Arduino and what’s the use of this wi-fi module. To know better about it, let’s read our descriptions below!

Tips and Tricks Esp8266 Arduino Connect To Wifi

What’s The Use of Esp8266 Arduino

When we make a big computing project, every component or part should be organized or arranged, because as the whole, it will complete the process of programming, connecting and coding as the creator wants.

Esp8266 Arduino is a wi-fi module to support micro-controller just like Arduino so it can connect directly to wi-fi and make TCP/IP connection. As an important component to micro-controller, module can be used to create creative projects people need to do with their computers, includes Internet Of Thinking (IOT). So, we can say that there are so many benefits to use Esp8266 Arduino, not to mention that wi-fi module is one must-have item we should get to optimize the project.

Steps  How To Make Esp8266 Arduino Connect To Wifi

1. To make Esp8266 Arduino connect to wifi, first you need to make sure you will connect it to Arduino 3.3V, because Esp8266 only works for this. After understanding it, you can connect GND and RESET pin to the blue line. It is only the beginning because now, Arduino is only work as USB to serial connector.

2. Here it is why you need Esp8266, by connecting RXD pin Arduino to RX Pin of Esp8266. Also connect TXD pin Arduino with TX pin of Esp. Don’t worry because every pin has its different colors, which usually TX pin for ESP has green color.

3. Don’t forget to connect GND pin of Esp on the blue line with also VCC pin on the red line. This is final step where CH_PD will go to the red line and automatically it will work when you connect it.

4. Hope to understand that every steps will be more powerful if you read it along with pictures. Especially if you are a beginner who will do this tutorial for the first time. The pictures will be very helpful for your process of connection.

See, isn’t it easy to do on your own? We totally wish you understand every steps of it and will connect it to wifi just like what we told you. Also, be patient and always check all tools you will use to get connection because sometimes, people don’t put attention at the tools and only want instant result. In the end, we believe you will get advantages at reading these tips and tricks about Esp8266 Arduino connect to Wifi.